Signing up for Bigstream Acceleration on AWS-EMR

Bigstream Software for AWS-EMR Acceleration is offered on AWS Marketplace as Software-as-a-Service subscription service.

To Subscribe and start using Bigstream Software follow these instructions:

Step 1- Go to AWS Marketplace and search for Bigstream

or simply click on the link below:

Step 2- In the product page, review our product capabilities, check the hourly pricing, and if it all looks good, click on the  Continue  button

Step 3- If you agree with the terms and conditions set in the End User License Agreement, click on Subscribe Button

Step 4- After clicking on Subscribe button your browser brings you to bigstream portal where you can register your company.  We will email you a URL that you can use in the next and final step.

Step 5- Paste the URL that we emailed you into the bootstrap field in your EMR provisioning tools.  And that's it! your application is now ready to start running in accelerated mode.

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